Vision, Mission & Core Values

The KNUT is a trade union registered under the trade unions act Cap 233 of the laws of Kenya. Its mandate is both of a trade union and professional organization that serves all Kenyan teachers who choose to join and as such, we recognize the need to anchor our operations on certain key principles and values. Further, the implementation of this strategic plan will be guided by our vision, mission values and core functions as outlined here below. 

Our Vision

To become the most effective and self-reliant teacher unions in the world.


To unite teachers of all grades for quality service, socio-economic improvement and professional advancement and strengthen their bargaining power, and promote quality education.

Our Core Values

o    Integrity:   We are committed to honesty, accountability and transparency in all our undertakings.
o    Equity:  We are  committed to gender equity, social justice and unity of teachers of all grades and qualifications
o    Teamwork: We embrace teamwork and are committed to participatory decision making. 
o    Continuous Improvement: We are committed to the continuous improvement of the terms and conditions of service for all teachers.
o    Professional interest:  We shall endeavour to promote the educational development of the teaching profession.
o    Efficiency: we strive to achieve the highest value of benefits for all our members.
o    Courage and Bravery: we shall tirelessly and bravely continue to fight for the rights of our members. 

Core Functions

•    To bring together and unite teachers of all grades and qualifications in Kenya and providing a forum for co-operation.
•    To fight for improved terms and conditions of service for teachers and protecting teachers interests.
•    Promoting programmes aimed at improving teachers’ welfare or socio-economic status.
•    To offer assistance to individual members in professional as well as legal matters.
•    To settle disputes between members of the union or between its members and their employers through collective and constitutional means.
•    To co-operate with other societies, bodies, unions or organisations within or outside Kenya with similar objectives.
•    To promote matters leading to the improvement of education and the establishment of a common system of education.
•    To secure effective representation of the teaching profession on the government, public and private bodies or organisations where such representation may be necessary.